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Nilaa Corn Flour

Nilaa Corn Flour

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Availability: out of stock

It is rich in phytochemicals and also provides protection against a number of chronic diseases as well as reduces the risk of hemorrhoids and colorectal cancer. It is a rich source of vitamins, which are essential for the growth and protection of the body from illness and disease. It protects the heart and prevents anemia.


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Derived from the ground and desiccated seeds of the maize plant, Nilaa brings this fine makka atta to Indian households to meet their dietary needs. Extremely rich in fibre, this atta can be regularly used to prepare delectable rotis which provide energy and nourishment Corn flour is rich in fiber and daily intake of fibrous food keeps your digestive system healthy, relieving you from problems such as constipation and other gastric ailments. Corn flour can be easily used instead of wheat flour by those who are allergic to gluten.

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