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Nilaa Seeraga Samba Rice (Biryani Rice / Jeera Rice) - 1Kg

Nilaa Seeraga Samba Rice (Biryani Rice / Jeera Rice) - 1Kg

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42,00 kr


Availability: in stock

Samba rice has a distinct taste and can be described as having a more 'starchy' or 'corny' flavor, and thus is an acquired taste preferred mainly by the locals.


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Seeraga Samba Rice or Jeeraga Samba Rice is tiny sized White Rice, the name is taken from Seeragam and Samba, a season in Tamil. It is famous in North and South India as an everyday Rice Dish. It is simple to prepare Biryani with Seeraga Samba rice. It is finely processed to eliminate Foreign Grains, Dust particles, Husk and other impurities. It contains a good nutritional value and high in taste. It is known as Aromatic rice. Health benefits of it is that reduce body heat and also cures the nervous disorder.

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