Nilaa Cold Pressed Castor Oil 200 ml

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Castor oil is aTraditionally Extracted Pure Cold Pressed Virgin Castor Oil from first grade, high-quality Castor seeds. Castor Oil is a potential healing oil and one of the oldest cure for hair and skin problems which has an impressive anti-inflammatory effect. High-quality castor beans that have the ability to make a healthier system are crushed to extract this thick pale serum with a distinct aroma. Nilaa Cold Pressed Virgin Castor Oil is produced to present you with sustainable personal hygiene.

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Castor oil is a yellow liquid extracted from pure castor seeds that have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. It is known for its therapeutic and medicinal benefits. Castor is known for cleaning the stomach and improving digestion. As Nilaa castor oil is extracted using natural methods without using any chemicals, it is best suited for all types of home remedies that are in vogue. The castor seeds are typically ground into a paste and then pressed heavily until the seed paste expels the oil. The first-pressed oil is sold unrefined without any chemical additives. Castor oil can be used for vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes. Particularly for making dhall, curry leaves and others. It can make your recipes healthy and tasty. Nilaa Castor Oil is the safe bet for sure therapeutic results. It can also be used for lighting the lamps at home. 

List of Ingredients: Castor Oil

Storage Instructions: Store in a clean and dry place - away from sunlight. 

Country of Origin: India

Nutritional Value (Approx per 100g):





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